Mastering Indoor Comfort: DIY Tips for Maintaining Your Ductless HVAC and Furnace

When it comes to achieving ultimate indoor comfort, nothing plays a more crucial role than your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Thanks to companies like AIr-It Indoor Comfort, LLC, you can easily maintain a comfortable indoor environment regardless of the season or weather conditions.

AIr-It Indoor Comfort, LLC specializes in Ductless HVAC Systems and Furnace Services. But how can you ensure the long-term efficiency of these systems? Here are some insightful DIY tips to assist you.

Maintaining Your Ductless HVAC System

1. Clean the Filter Regularly: Over time, dust and debris accumulate on your HVAC filter, affecting the system’s efficiency. It’s recommended to clean this filter every six to twelve weeks. You can do this by simply removing the filter, washing it gently with a mild detergent, rinsing it thoroughly, and allowing it to dry before reinserting.

2. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clear: Ductless HVAC systems have an outdoor unit that should be kept clean and free from debris. Be sure to clear out leaves, branches, and snow that may obstruct the unit, especially before winter sets in.

Managing Your Furnace

1. Check the Thermostat: If your furnace is not working as expected, the fault might just be a wrongly set thermostat. Before contacting a service expert, ensure that the thermostat is set to ‘heat’ and the temperature is set higher than the room’s current temperature.

2. Pilot Light: If your furnace isn’t turning on, it may be due to the pilot light being out. You can relight it following the manufacturer’s instructions. Exercise caution while doing this.

Despite offering top-tier Ductless HVAC and Furnace Service, AIr-It Indoor Comfort, LLC believes in empowering homeowners with knowledge on how to maintain their heating and cooling units. However, please remember that these are meant to be simple maintenance measures. It’s always advisable to let professionals handle complex repairs and servicing needs. You can trust AIr-It Indoor Comfort, LLC’s practiced and dedicated team for all your heating, cooling and air quality needs.

These DIY tips are not just about saving on the service costs; they also make your HVAC system and furnace more efficient, last longer and save on energy bills. So, take control of your temperature comfort with these simple DIY hacks.