Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. – Quality Heating and AC Replacement Services

Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1970 with a mission to provide quality heating services and air conditioning replacements to their clients. The company’s main office is located in Dallas, TX. Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. provides heating repairs and services, AC replacements, and other cooling services to residential and commercial customers. They offer services for all makes and models of air conditioning and heating units.

The team of professionals at Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. are dedicated to delivering superior customer service, providing fast and reliable solutions for their clients. They strive to keep up to date with the latest technology, and offer a variety of energy efficient air conditioning and heating products to fit any budget. Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. also offers maintenance plans and preventative services to ensure their customers’ systems are running efficiently and effectively.

For over 50 years, Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. has been a trusted provider of exceptional heating and AC service. The company takes pride in their customer satisfaction and offer competitive pricing for all their services. They are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience and have received numerous awards for their excellent services. To learn more about Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. and their services, visit their website.