Blast the Cold, Beat the Heat with Katham Industries!

Are you tired of feeling like you’re baking in an oven, only to turn around and think you’re in the Arctic when you desperately need some warmth? Well, the Wizards at Katham Industries will have no more of it! Our magical technicians work their spells in AC Installation in Fair Lawn, NJ and River Edge, NJ, ensuring summer heat stays where it belongs – outside your house!

Furnace Issues Bye-bye!

Don’t get caught in a dreadful standoff with a defiant furnace! If you’re in the areas of Haworth, NJ and Tenafly, NJ seeking heating service, just drop us a line! Katham’s technicians do not only repair your furnaces but tame them to respect their masters.

A Complete HVAC Installation Experience!

Reinventing your residential climate doesn’t stop there. HVAC installation and heating installation in Leonia, NJ? Yes, we do that too. Sensationally, efficiently, and quite notably without leaving your wallet feeling drained. Katham Industries, it’s not just service. It’s sorcery!