Leaky Laughs: The Hilarious Adventures of a Roofing Company

KNA Roofing: Where Shingles Meet Giggles

For over 15 years, KNA Roofing has been serving New York and New Jersey with a unique blend of professional roofing services and unexpected humor. While most people think of roofing as a serious business (and it is!), we’ve discovered that a little laughter goes a long way when you’re balancing on top of buildings all day.

Our Origin Story: From Leaks to Laughs

It all started when our founder, Kevin “Nail Gun” Anderson, accidentally stapled his shirt to a roof during a particularly challenging job. Instead of getting upset, he decided to embrace the absurdity of the situation and declared, “Well, I guess I’m part of the house now!” From that moment on, KNA Roofing became known for its ability to handle even the toughest roofing challenges with a smile and a joke.

The Perks of Choosing KNA Roofing

When you hire KNA Roofing, you’re not just getting expert roofers – you’re getting a full-on comedy show (safety harnesses included, of course). Here are some of the unique benefits we offer:

  • Free dad jokes with every estimate
  • Roofers who can juggle shingles (don’t worry, we only do this during breaks)
  • A guarantee that at least one team member will yell “I’m king of the world!” during your project
  • Complimentary weather forecasts (spoiler alert: it’s always “partly cloudy with a chance of falling hammers”)

Our Most Memorable Jobs

Over the years, we’ve encountered some truly unforgettable situations. There was the time we had to rescue a family of raccoons who had decided to make a cozy home in an attic. Our team leader, affectionately known as “The Raccoon Whisperer,” managed to lure them out with a trail of shiny objects and bad puns.

Then there was the infamous “Pigeon Poop Incident of 2016,” where we discovered an entire flock had turned a client’s roof into their personal restroom. Our solution? A rooftop scarecrow dressed as a giant cat, complete with a motion-activated “meow” sound effect. It worked like a charm, and the homeowner got a hilarious conversation piece to boot.

A Serious Commitment to Quality (No, Really)

While we love to have fun, we take our work very seriously. Our team of certified professionals is committed to providing top-notch roofing services, ensuring that your home stays dry and protected for years to come. We just happen to believe that you can fix a roof and crack a smile at the same time.

So, if you’re in New York or New Jersey and need a roof repair, replacement, or just want to hear some truly awful roofing puns, give KNA Roofing a call. We promise to raise the roof – both literally and figuratively!