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Factors To Consider When Maintaining Your Garden

Maintaining your own garden is by no means an easy task. In fact, it requires a considerable amount of time and effort from your daily hectic routines. Yet, there is a sense of peace and serenity that you can attain through it. Being involved in this will help you mentally and physically find balance in life as you connect with nature on a personal level. However, in order to ensure that the maintenance level is being done in an accurate way, there are certain steps that you have to follow. Below are some useful tips for you to follow in doing so.

The Shovel

The shovel is one of the things that you will require for your everyday procedures in the garden. Therefore, it is highly mandatory that this very shovel is kept in good condition for you to ensure that the garden will be in good shape. You cannot constantly keep changing the shovel, can you? What solution can be made under this condition to maintain it? A simple solution would be to spray it with Teflon or silicon lubricant to ensure that the soil can be taken off without creating any mess.

Heavy Pots

Heavy pots are never a healthy choice for your plants. This factor is more concerned about the gardener who steps out with her comfortable gloves on rather than the plants. The risk of lifting pots that are too heavy in weight could cause you severe damage or pain in bones and other parts of your body. However, this does not mean that you can avoid the beauty that can be gained by giant pots. A simple solution is to fill one third of it with packing peanuts in order to lessen the weight.


There comes a time when transporting plants will be required. You are likely to change your mind about the position and layout of your garden. In fact, no human can stay in one mind for too long. Therefore, when the day comes where you would step out inn those gardening gloves and decide that you need to change the layout or shift houses. Best way to transport them in your car is to put them in between a ladder where you can ensure that they will be transported safe and sound without any damage.


Rain is as important for your plants as sunlight is. Therefore, ensuring that the right amount of water is received by them is important. However, it is vital that you keep track of the water level that rain brings to your plants. In order to do so, you can simply add some food colouring to the bottom of the rain gauge where you will be able to easily measure it the next time.If you follow these few tips, your garden will be compatible with that of Eden.