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Comparison Between Porcelain Tiles And Ceramic Tiles

People try their best to select the best material for their homes and offices. They want such materials which would be of best quality but in reasonable rates as well. For this purpose, companies have started to make copy of the products that have higher prices with slight differences among them. Tiles are one of the most used ornaments that are used to enhance the look of a house or a office. They can be placed anywhere varying from washroom to rooftop and from entrance to kitchen. However, the type of tiles differs from one another on the basis of their composition and their appearance. Wide variety of tiles can be seen in the market which might include porcelain tiles Thomastown, ceramic tiles, etc. In this article, we will be discussing about porcelain tiles and about the comparison between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.


Tiles, as we know is the slab that is mostly in rectangular or square in shape and is composed of clay or any other such material. They are used for flooring purposes like in bathroom, kitchen, rooftops, etc. Wide variety of tiles can be seen around the world like marble tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, granite tiles and many other such tiles.

Porcelain tiles:

Basically, porcelain tiles are the type of ceramic tiles. They are manufactured by combining clay with other elements like quartz, silica or feldspar. These elements are heated together to get final results. They are exported from China, Turkey, Italy and Spain to all across the world. Porcelain tiles can be further divided into types. These types differ from each other on the basis of their physicality. There is matte porcelain tiles and glazed porcelain tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles are polished and colored while they are manufactured which is why they give better look than the matte porcelain tiles.

Comparison between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles:

As we know that porcelain tiles are the type of ceramic tiles so there lays some differences and similarities among the two. There lies a difference of color in both types of the tiles. Then the density of these tiles also varies from each other as ceramic tiles are less dense while porcelain tiles are denser. Moreover, ceramic tiles are cheaper in price and whereas porcelain tiles are comparatively expensive. Another difference is that ceramic tiles are recommendable for less damp places while porcelain tiles are suitable for moist places. The similarity among the two is that both of these types are heated in a same way with clay.


Tiles are the slabs that are placed on rooftops, washrooms, kitchen, etc. Porcelain tiles are the type of ceramic tiles which are heated in clay along with quartz and silicon. There lie some differences and similarities between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles on the basis of which people choose one out of two. “RFM tiles” provides the best quality of porcelain tiles in Thomas town.